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The Finnish Trilogy Errata/Clarifications

Note: A new edition (2.0) of the Master Rules Manual (MRM) will be printed in late 2015 or early 2016.

The following errata is in addition to those mentioned in the slip that is included in Vol. 1 and Vol. 2.

Errata/clarifications in blue color where posted in September 2014.
Errata/clarifications in red color where posted in October 2014.
Errata/clarifications in green color have been posted during January 2015.

The Finnish Trilogy in General:

Master Rules Manual (MRM):

  • Clarification: The terms, "dot" and "circle", as well as "rectangle" and "square" are the same when talking about Heavy Equipment (HE) [4.7.11]. For example, the term dot is used in 4.6.4 but otherwise circle is used in the rules/charts.
  • 4.7.10: The last sentence should be: "In the next Initial Phase they may be re-located to any other friendly hex within CR of any SOV OHQ during the Marker Removals/Re-location Step". In other words, add the words "CR of".
  • 4.8.9: The first sentence should read “The MA represents the radius in hexes (one way; it has an equal amount of MA for the return trip) of the air unit during a mission.” Delete the second sentence.
  • 7.6.3: The sentence at the bottom should read "Friendly ZOC (= 6 BEs) in a hex will negate an EZOC, thus all effects of an EZOC are lost." Replace the words "ground units" with "ZOC (= 6 BEs)".
  • 8.1: A unit that loses a step based on a Status Level change cannot regain the step just because the Status Level improves. The step can be regained per the normal Replacement rules [15.0], however.
  • 8.6: A unit that has no reduced side (e.g. Coy/Btty) is not turned to its other (blank) side during training; only units with a reduced side must be turned to their other side when training. Such one-sided units, including Coys/Bttys, are not activated due to enemy actions. Instead all of those units are automatically eliminated as soon as an enemy unit with an ACF greater than 0 either attacks or overruns that hex.
  • 9.3.7: I'm not sure what has happened here but the words should of course be: similar; organic; and within (not si-milar; orga-nic; or with-in).
  • 9.3.8: NO-THQs are not eliminated as a combat result but are eliminated if an enemy advances into a hex occupied only by a NO-THQ. NO-THQs can also be overrun without cost as they have no HOC or Combat Point value.
  • 11.3.3B: Ignore the word "multiple". The Errata sheet that is provided in the Vol. 1 game says 11.3.3A, which is wrong (sorry).
  • 11.3.3B: (Ground units/HQs) - Delete the entire sentence beginning “Only islands inside white hexides...". Also, delete the entire sentence beginning “A hex containing one or several small islands…”
  • 12.1.2C, D & F: “adjacent” should be “in an EZOC”.
  • 13.1.1: 6th sentence - Delete that part of the sentence that says: "...and they would feed all units/HQs within the Corps HQ CCV". Also, in the 8th sentence, delete the words “or sea”; this allows Supply markers to be transported by Naval Transport flotillas without the need of Truck markers.
  • 13.1.1: Add the sentence: "or Army HQ [9.2.1]" to the following rule: "Apart from the SPs received by the SHQ/FHQ or Army HQ [9.2.1], SUPPLY markers may only be transported on TRUCK markers,...". Otherwise, 9.2.1 will contradict with rule 13.1.1.
  • 13.2: Add the following rule (applies to both players): All unit counters in a coastal hex (hexes with thicker blue hexsides) can trace supply up to 10 MPs through water hexes (all-water or coastal hexes) to any type of a friendly port in the main land. The cost is always 1 MP/water hex but a hex may not blocked by enemy surface ships. Supply can also be traced to any type of a friendly port - located, for example, in the same island or peninsula - which in turn must be able to trace to a Main Supply source either via water hexes (again, 10 MPs/water hex) or via land hexes (as per normal rules [13.2.6]).
  • 13.2 (3): A hex in General Supply can be a contested hex but can’t be an enemy-controlled hex.
  • 13.2.1: The rule should not refer to rule 13.4.5 (does not exist), but to rule 11.3.3.
  • 13.2.3: This rule should have a reference to rule 24.2.1.
  • 13.2.6: A Regular Supply Source must be able to trace 10 MPs either directly to a Main Supply Source or to a Road/Railroad hex which in turn leads to a Main Supply Source. The length of such a road/railroad route may be unlimited as long as it is not blocked by enemy units (or EZOC unless the hex is contested). A Road/Railroad hex would be required to trace the 10 MP path to a Regular Supply Source but not for a Main Supply Source.
  • 13.2.7: This rule should say "Air/naval units and TRUCK markers have no such penalty when out of supply".
  • 13.3.1: SUPPLY markers can give General Supply for a number of turns equal to its Supply Point value (halved in Snow weather). Flip the marker to the appropriate side to reflect the use of the supply in each turn.
  • 14.2: All unit counters that fail an "Arrive-DR" (only) should be placed in the Transfer Box [37.4], not in the High Command Box as mentioned in the rules. The "Arrive-DR"-feature is only used in CW/LW, not in WW. Therefore, ignore the Soviet "Arrive-DR" boxes (in the RGK Box) on the Large Map.
  • 14.10: change the sentence "Certain units/HQs start the game..." for "Certain unit counters start the game...". This change is needed since markers are also included in this rule.
  • 14.10.1 Clarification: A White DR is rolled for each unit counter in the High Command Box. When rolled for a HQ, all of its organic units/HQs are also affected, e.g. roll only one White die for a complete Division.
  • 16.1.2: The part in the rule that says "Fixed Units (MA = 0) may not be attached to any THQs, only OHQs" is wrong. This means that Fixed Units may be attached to both THQs and OHQs in the game.
  • Clarification: The "Out of Command" marker is immediately removed from a unit/HQ when the unit/HQ is within its parent HQ. The Out of Command Check [16.4] during the "Attach/Detach Units/HQs Segment" is only a reminder to make sure that no units/HQs are, or will be, out of command due to new Attachments or Detachments during that Segment.
  • 17.5: A Maintenance-capable Engineer may provide the Maintenance benefit (-1 MP) to other units if the Engineer unit moves with those other units as a stack and pays an additional MP for each hex it “Maintains”. It may also provide the Maintenance benefit to units that move into the Engineer’s hex at the cost of 1 MP to that Engineer. The presence of a Maintenance-capable Engineer in a hex, as long as that Engineer is not performing or doesn’t start performing other Construction activities in that same Initial Phase (e.g. there may not be an “Under Construction” marker on top of the Engineer), will give the Maintenance benefit (-1 MP) to a Supply route (both General and Combat). Doing so will not affect the normal abilities of the Engineer later in the turn nor will it cost the Engineer unit any MP.
  • 18.1.6: Add to rule: The Bad Terrain marker may also be removed from a unit/HQ in the next Movement/Advancement Phase if the hex has a road, railroad (that may also act as a road) or trail.
  • Page 15 Clarification: NO-THQs and STHQs (only) may attach/detach at any time during the Player Turn - and not only during the Initial Phase (Attach/Detach Segment) as is the case with HQs that have a CCV.
  • 18.2.3 Clarification: Rail Capacity is "to be used separately” means that you can use the full capacity in both the Movement Phase AND the Advancement Phase.
  • 18.3: Add to the end of the rule: “The number inside the white circle on the markers or certain units is the maximum amount of BEs that may use that marker.”
  • 18.4.5: Delete the first sentence in the rule. This means that all ART CAL-category units may take part in an overrun as long as the overrun includes also at least one INF and/or AFV CAL-category unit with a printed ACF that is greater than 0 (zero).
  • 18.5.2: Add at the end “Roads may only be damaged by bombing.”
  • 18.6: Concerning destroying FORT -3 markers. The Demolition Alternatives list should say 4 MPs + any terrain entered. It's a misprint. Basically, 8 MPs are required to destroy a FORT -3 marker altogether, but since it must be flipped to its FORT -2 side first, the statement is wrong.
  • 19.0: The reference to Submarine movement should be 19.2.11, not 28.2.8.
  • 19.2.2: Add to the last sentence: “…within its MA radius as per 19.2.2A in all Lake & Sea Zones…..”
  • 19.9A: Add “Naval units can react to land ground combat support (23.7.1) to a ground combat within 1/2 of their movement radius but the reacting naval units are subject to being attacked by coastal/RR artillery if their movement brings them into range of such artillery.”
  • 20.1 A & 20.1 B: The rule should refer to rule 21.2, not to rule 21.2.8.
  • 20.4.1 – Add “The reacting air units are subject to AA attack only in the ground combat hex (also called the target hex) (21.2.4). They are not subject to attack in any hex they pass through on the way to the ground combat.”
  • 21.1.1(4): Add “Defending escorts that won initiative but chose option 2 (do nothing), still suffer the -1 per wave penalty if they choose option 1 (engage in combat) in any later waves.”
  • 21.1.6 & 22.1.4: If an air unit is not within range of an airbase/port/non-base hex after suffering a combat result of A, E or D, it is eliminated and placed in the friendly Air Unit RP Pool.
  • 21.4.5: It is necessary to score a hit on the Bombing Table (21.4.1) to be able to roll on the City Terror Bombing Effect Table (21.4.5).
  • 23.1.1 & 23.1.2: If there are less than 12 BEs in a combat, even in Weather North Zone in Snow turns, there is no need for Combat Supply expenditure.
  • 23.14.1: Delete the sentence after "(1)" and "(5)" in the rule. This means that TRUCK markers and all ART CAL-category units may advance after combat.
  • 23.15: The second sentence should read: “The attacker now becomes the defender, with a -1 reduction of each shift for terrain given by the former attacker’s hex.” The Combat Results Table (CRT) is correct while the MRM is wrong.
  • 23.15.1: The statement "only in the Advancement Phase" should be "or in the Advancement Phase". This means that during the forthcoming friendly Player Turn no movement or combat is allowed. Add to the rule 23.15.1: Advance after combat after a Counter-Attack is allowed as per normal rules [23.14].
  • 24.2.1: The rule should read: “…missions in any two consecutive player turns (20.1).”
  • 24.2.1 - Add to rule: Gray hexes may not be used as a non-base hex.


  • The Terrain Effects Chart (TEC): Ignore the sentence "For each HIT" in the "TEC: All Weather Types" Table. In fact, it should instead state "despite the number of HITs in the hex" (the cost is the ones mentioned in the table despite the number of Hits or Roadblocks in the hex).
  • TEC: “Roadblock” is to be read as “Road Blocked & Mined”.
  • Reference Chart #3: Naval-to-Naval Combat Results (22.1.4) – Delete the references to "QR" and "Q" from the explanation of results of a Step Loss "S".
    Frozen Hexside Shifts:
    1. Minor River - if frozen = no shift; if unfrozen = -1 column shift
    2. Major River - if frozen = no shift; if unfrozen = -2 column shifts
    3. Passage - if frozen = -1 column shift; if unfrozen = -2 column shifts
    4. Canal - always (does not freeze) = -1 column shift
    5. Any water hexside (despite depth) - if frozen = -1 column shift; if unfrozen = -2 column shifts
    Note: Only Minor/Major Rivers and Canals overlap the hexsides while all other waters underlap the hexsides. Note also that "Passages" and "water hexsides" have the same modifier in combat but different cost in terms of movement.
Vol. 1 Winter War game:

Vol. 1 Rules Booklet:

  • 30.2.6: The RP-cost to bring "Os. M" unit into play should be 3 RPs per step, not 1 RP per step.
  • 31.1: The rule should say "In the U.S.S.R. and Estonia, only air bases may be bombed."
  • 30.3.1 White Box: Delete the word "not". The sentence should say: "No SOV-FIN (FNA) units may be broken down in the game."

Vol. 1 FIN OOB:

  • Page 9: The 6th Hvy Art. Bn (Rask.Psto 6) is missing in the Main Campaign. It should enter play on the Feb. III '40 turn to be placed in the ART TC. NOTE! THIS HAS BEEN FIXED IN THE CORRECTED FINNISH OOB PAGE THAT WILL BE INCLUDED IN THE VOL. 3 PACKAGE OR CAN BE ORDERED SEPARATELY FROM ME.
  • Page 16: The 5th Hvy Art. Bn (Rask.Psto 5) is missing in the Small Scenario 4. It should enter play from the North edge on the Jan. I '40 turn. NOTE! THIS HAS BEEN FIXED IN THE CORRECTED FINNISH OOB PAGE THAT WILL BE INCLUDED IN THE VOL. 3 PACKAGE OR CAN BE ORDERED SEPARATELY FROM ME.
  • Page 19: The British TRUCK, SKI, and SUPPLY markers should be activated (enter play) on a White DR of 0-4, not 0-5.
  • General Clarification #1: Some HQs must enter play in the same hex as a certain unit (if possible). The unit is pictured for easier reference only. Example, on page 8 "E/Ryh. Susi" must be placed in the same hex as the unit shown next to the arrow (thus the "(1)"), in this case the 16th Inf. Bn (Er.P 16). If the unit is no longer in play, the HQ must be placed in the same hex as any Bn currently in play (thus the "(2)").

Vol. 1 SOV OOB:

  • Page 6: One of the SOV Fighters in the L.PVO Boxes should be an I-16/T-6, not I-16/T-5. The header is correct but the picture of the air unit counter is wrong.
  • Page 6: In terms of airfields, the hex 8440 should be 8539 and the hex 8633 should be 8733.
  • Page 6: The airfield for the "R-5" air unit part of "31 VRE" (top row, 4th air unit) should be 8933, not 8740.
  • Page 12 (Small Scenario 1): A TRUCK marker should start the Small Scenario 1 in the RG(V)K Box. The Truck added should have a capacity of “4”. It enters in hex 3039 on a successful roll as per 14.10. Also, The Soviet begins to receive Supply Markers on the Jan. I '40 turn, as per the Notes, not on the Dec. IV '39 turn as per the Reinforcement Schedule.
  • Page 12 - Gray Box at the bottom of the page: The first exclamation point should be number 2.
  • Page 13: Ignore the first yellow #1 (on the header of the SOV 54th Mtn Div. HQ). It is a misprint.
  • General Clarification #2: If a unit/HQ is pictured with no ID, any unit/HQ currently in play may be chosen for the removal, conversion or what the situation might be. See white info box in the MRM on page 13.

Vol. 1 Large Map/Small Maps:

  • Hex 5059 (Onega): Ignore the VP value of 5. It is a misprint.
  • Hexes 0437 and 8036 have a misprint. Only one airstrip should be in the hex.
  • Hex 6739 should include a Seabase [20.2D] from start. Either; (1) use a Seabase marker, or (2) write a Seabase in the hex (looks like an airstrip but in blue color).
  • Hex 6858 should be a coast hex.
  • The hexside between the hexes 7135 and 7236 is a passage and should have an arrow.
  • Hex 4440: The town/village "Uchta" should be "Ukhta".
  • Soviet RGK Box: Ignore the Soviet "Arrive-DR" boxes on the Large Map - it is a miss print. The "Arrive-DR" feature is not used in Vol. 1 WW. OR use it as an optional feature in Vol. 1 WW.

Vol. 1 Countersheets:

Vol. 2 Continuation War game:

Vol. 2 Rules Booklet:

  • 37.23: The word RAF should be ignored in all places in the text. These air units were part of the British Fleet Air Arm (FAA) of the Royal Navy (RN), not part of the British Royal Air Force (RAF). This is for historical interest only and has no purpose in the game.
  • The special rule about the German "Ju 87 R" (Stuka) air units is missing. These air unit counters have a "+" after the Ground Combat Factor (GCF) and a "-" after the Movement Allowance (MA). This means that during any turn the GCF may be doubled as long as the MA is halved (e.g. a MA of 28 becomes 14 if the GCF is increased from 1 to 2). I will add this rule in the new MRM.

Vol. 2 FIN OOB:

  • Page 11 (top): The 14th Hvy Art. Bn (Rask.Psto 14) should start the game in the 6th Army Corps (VI AK) HQ Box (see on page 6), not arrive as a reinforcement on the Jul. I '42 turn with the Tank Div. (Ps.D).
  • Page 22, Small Scenario #4 White Info Box: Northern Operation Line should be Weather Line.
  • Page 23, Small Scenario #5: The Railroad Eng. Bn in the "Kar.A" Box (top of the page) should be Grp 1, not Grp 2 (it is correct on page 6).
  • Page 27, Small Scenario #5: The reinforcements on the Aug. I '41 turn should enter play in hex 6245, not in hex 5840 (does not exist in the Small Map #5) and the reinforcements on the Aug. III '41 turn should enter play on any West edge hex, not in hex 8415 (does not exist in the Small Map #5). Sorry about this.

Vol. 2 SOV OOB:

  • Page 6: The British air units should be part of the British Fleet Air Arm (FAA) of the Royal Navy (RN), not part of the British Royal Air Force (RAF). This is of historical interest only and has no purpose in the game.
  • Page 31: The 186th Rifle Division should enter play on Nov. I '41 turn, not on Apr. I '42 turn.
  • Page 31: The 152nd Rifle Division is missing in this scenario. It should enter play on the Apr. IV '41 turn in hex 4450. Historically, it was held as a reserve unit in Kem (hex 4450).
  • Page 31 Clarification: The Postition War rule [37.6] is not used in the Small Scenario 3B.
  • Page 32: The 137th Infantry Regiment should enter play on Aug. III" '41 turn, not on Aug. IV '41 turn.
  • Page 32, White Info Box: The sentence that says "northern Operation Line", should be "Weather Line".

Vol. 2 GER OOB:

  • Page 18: The unit, "III/G.J.R. 139", should enter play on the May II '42 turn in hex 3433. This means also that this unit has been detached from its parent HQ. Place a DETACHED 1 marker on the "KGr. K " HQ.
  • Page 18: The unit, "III/I.R. 307", should enter play on the May II '42 turn in hex 3933. This means also that this unit has been detached from its parent HQ. Place a DETACHED 2 marker on the "KGr. Boysen " HQ.
  • Page 18: The following units should enter play in hex 3933 (not 3433); "Pz.Abt. z.b.V. 40", all units entering on the May III '42 turn, and "KGr. Boysen".
  • Page 18 Clarification: The Postition War rule [37.6] is not used in the Small Scenario 3B.

Vol. 2 Large Map/Small Maps:

  • Hex 6858 should be a coast hex.
  • The hexside between the hexes 0912 and 0913 is a passage and should have an arrow.
  • The hexside between the hexes 7135 and 7236 is a passage and should have an arrow.
  • Hex 4440: The town/village "Uchta" should be "Ukhta".

Vol. 2 Unit Counters:

  • The Finnish partisan unit "Os. Sau" ("Sau") should be a "1-2-8" Infantry Battalion. It was used in the war mainly as an anti-partisan unit.
    Correction: "Os. Sau" was formed into a Battalion on Sep. II '44 turn (Sep. 10th, '44). This means that it consisted of 6x Platoons in the Continuation War and is therefore correct as a strengthened Company in Vol. 2 CW. It should, however, be a "weak" Battalion in Vol. 3 LW as mentioned above.
Vol. 3 Lapland War expansion:

Vol. 3 Rules Booklet:

  • 47.7.1: The rule should not refer to rule 36.2.7, but to rule 36.2.9.
  • Page 4 Gray Box upper right column: Delete the first sentence “The Allied units used for this...". It is no longer correct.
  • 51.0 Appendix: The town/village "Uchta" should be "Ukhta".

Vol. 3 FIN OOB:

  • Page 2: The Finnish 5th Infantry Battalion (Er.P 5) should start the Main Campaign in hex 1335. It was attached to the 15th Infantry Brigade at a later stage.

Vol. 3 SOV OOB:

  • Page 5: The reference to rule 37.2.5 on the page should be referred to rule 46.2 instead.

Vol. 3 GER OOB:


Vol. 3 Small Maps:


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