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All TORNIO '44 games will include the 2nd edition map.
Note: The Rules Manual version 1.3 in English or Finnish is no longer included in the game (only English version 1.0). The 1.3 manuals have been sold out and can from now on only be downloaded as a pdf-file, see in "The Games" menu.

The items:
(1) TORNIO '44 game - boxed version with dice = 35 EUR.
(2) TORNIO '44 game - ziplock version & no dice = 25 EUR.

Shipping Cost:
The shipping cost is included in the PayPal payment buttons below.
TORNIO '44 - boxed version shipped to a country outside Sweden = 14 EUR, and to Sweden = 11 EUR.
TORNIO '44 - ziplock version shipped to a country outside Sweden = 12 EUR, and to Sweden = 9 EUR.

If you would like to buy any of the items from me personally, or if you are interested to buy spare dice for the TORNIO '44 game, or you would like to pay using IBAN and SWIFT codes, Plusgiro or Bankgiro, contact me at: info@mikugames.com

TORNIO '44, boxed version with dice.
Shipping cost incl. to:

TORNIO '44, ziplock version no dice.
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