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Mikugames is a Finnish-Swedish boardgame company with its base in Eskilstuna, Sweden. Mikugames has so far released a monstergame-series, called The Finnish Trilogy 1939-1945® (2014) and a smaller independent game called TORNIO '44 (2015). To order the TORNIO '44 game, go to the Order menu. THE SOVIET 1941 THEATER OF WAR game has been cancelled, at least for now.


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January 5th, 2020
Happy 2020!

This year will very likely be the last year for Mikugames. To keep my company active and running costs me about 1200-1500 EUR per year.

So, will I release any new games or improve The Finnish Trilogy rules? Very unlikely for many reasons. I don't have the inspiration or energy and my Adobe CS3 doesn't work anymore. Adobe Creative Cloud is not an option for me due to its price.

I have sold 828 TORNIO '44 games so far and I will keep selling as many of these games as I can during 2020. All remaining games will be destroyed at the end of this year. I know that this sounds drastic but I have to move on.

The TORNIO '44 game has received a lot of good publicity and is also in my opinion a fine game. My recommendation is simply that if you are interested in an exciting and unique game, don't hesitate to order a copy, because this year can be the last chance.



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